IGS demonstrates strength and resilience

A letter to Parents and Caregivers from the Chair of the IGS Board

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Our thoughts have been very much with each of you over the past few weeks as the whole world has been swept into the unprecedented challenges caused by COVID-19.

In regular communication with Principal Shauna Colnan and her leadership team, the Directors and I have been tremendously impressed by the School’s ability to adapt and to draw on the best of our school culture as we all work together to ensure a continued and strong future for IGS.

We know that IGS teachers and support staff have been working very hard, catering for students in their usual classes while transitioning to the IGS Off-Campus Learning Program. 

Together, they have achieved this in a remarkably rapid period of time, while, we understand, modelling teamwork, creativity and continual improvement for your children, with humility and good humour.

On behalf of the Board, I have thanked them for their extraordinary efforts, for their positive attitudes and for the care they have shown to all students. I know that they have been strengthened by your expressions of appreciation for their work.

We continuously monitor COVID-19 guidance and advice from the NSW and federal authorities, with full regard for the health and safety of the IGS community. Your resilience and welfare is uppermost in our minds as we respond operationally to this virus.

International Grammar School, born in the crucible of the idealistic imagination of the late Reg St Leon OAM, remains unique among independent schools. As was the case in its earliest years, it is demonstrating its strength and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

In the days ahead, as this challenge evolves, our thoughts will be with you as together we work to overcome any further difficulties which may emerge. 

We are confident in the value of the School’s vision and grateful for the many capabilities of IGS staff who are working together so successfully for the benefit of all students and the wider community, and we thank you for your messages of support for the decisions made by the Board, our Principal and Leadership team.

Yours sincerely

Dr Marie Leech
IGS Board Chair