IGS Counselling team here to help

As the wellbeing of our students is a top priority, the IGS counselling team is on hand to assist.

IGS Director of Counselling Services Joe Degeling said these services are on offer: 

  • IGS will continue to offer face to face counselling for students who are attending school

  • We will offer email, telephone (via our office phone’s) and video chat counselling to students away from IGS. These formats may not be suitable for all students and presenting issues, but we will negotiate that with the student/parent.

  • We will offer similar consultation to parents through this time. I suspect that we will be doing more of this as time goes on.

  • We have considered how we will help manage any risk of harm when a student is away from school and have set some protocols around this. 

IGS staff are also welcome to contact the Counselling and Wellbeing Team, whether you are at school or at home, with any concerns about any students, either face to face or via email, telephone and Google Hangouts.

Contact the IGS Counselling and Wellbeing team.

External mental health support services include:

For crisis support:

  • Emergency services – Police, Fire and Ambulance – call 000
  • Mental Health Support – 1800 011 511 (crisis mental health team)

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the IGS Counselling team if you have any concerns about your child.