IGS Centre for the Dramatic Arts open for show business

Teaching and learning has begun in the newly completed two-storey IGS Centre for the Dramatic Arts.

Staff and students welcomed the new flexible learning spaces, including the raked seating and stage.

“I worked in each of the spaces today and am overwhelmed by how lovely our new Centre for Dramatic Arts feels,” said Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito, who has been teaching at IGS for more than three decades.

“We finally have a real office filled with sunshine, light, and a place to make a cup of tea.

“We have a dressing room and various collaboration spaces for our design and project students and a fabulous control room to operate lights and sound.

“Year 12 Drama was quite emotional and very excited to have christened the theatre by being the first ones to perform in it.

“We had loved our little blue space but what we have now is something which feels so much more professional and is really quite beautiful. It is a very exciting time for Drama at IGS!”