IGS celebrates World Teachers Day

On Friday 25 October, IGS celebrated World Teachers Day.

Students enjoyed writing special notes of thanks to their teachers while teachers and staff enjoyed a morning tea in the Imaginarium. In Early Learning and Transition classes, children had a blast creating a mural of pictures and sweet messages for their teachers.

“Today is really about building the teaching profession, saying thank you to all of you,” IGS Principal Shauna Colnan said.


“I know many of you have been thanked by our students and that is going to continue on into next week.”

Ms Colnan also received a beautiful visits from a number of students throughout the day, who shared cards and drawings they had made.

During the morning tea, IGS Head of Teacher Accreditation and Development Primary School Michelle Weir and IGS Head of Teacher Accreditation and Development High School Irina Braun shared stories about their own teachers who inspired them when they were at school.

“I only realised when I became a teacher that I became one because of her,” Michelle said. “When I started school I did not speak a word of English. In Kindergarten I did have a beautiful teacher but it was my Year 1 teacher who made me feel so special. I couldn’t remember anything she actually said to me but I did remember the way she made me feel,” Michelle said.

Irina said her Political Science teacher in high school in Germany was so passionate about her subject that she “went off script all the time” in order to respond to students’ questions. While her blackboard was a mess, she was able to creat “a black forest cake” of answers. She was the reason Irina studied political science at university before becoming a teacher.

We wish to give a special thank you to the PTF (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association) for organising the cupcakes for our dedicated teachers and staff.