IGS Board Chair Dr Marie Leech addresses the PTF

IGS parents and caregivers were pleased to hear from the Chair of the IGS Board at their final meeting for 2019.

IGS Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTF) President Andrea Belunek warmly welcomed Dr Leech, who meets the PTF each year.

Dr Leech touched on some of the Board’s new directors and processes, Campus improvements, NAPLAN and the ATAR.

PTF fruit and flowers for Year 12 students undertaking their HSC and many other areas of support offered by the PTF were discussed, including Term 4 celebrations at IGS.

These include the Design Showcase, Music Play-In Concert, Year 10 Drama performances, World Teachers’ Day and welcoming the new IGS Indigenous scholars with the IGS Koori Club. Still to come are the Music Showcase, Year 10 Formal, Year 12 Formal, Speech Night at the State Theatre, and our Kindergarten to Year 11 School Picnic at Clifton Gardens.

Dr Leech said she loved the fact that IGS students feel comfortable to express themselves as individuals, such as in the diverse ways they wear the uniform.

She expressed her thanks to the PTF for contributing to the warmth of the IGS community.