IGS Annual Giving 2016

Welcome to Imagine, our IGS Annual Giving campaign for 2016.

We invite you to donate to one of four key initiatives that respond to the aspirations identified in our Strategic Plan: limitless learning, empowered students, sustainable future.

We want to share with you IGS students of all ages talking about their imagined futures in four videos showcasing the areas of support for Annual Giving 2016 which are:

• The Building Fund in support of the IGS Design Centre (fully tax deductible)
• The Library Fund to enhance the collections in our two wonderful libraries (fully tax deductible)
• The Indigenous Scholarship Fund to support the education of the Indigenous students in our scholarship program (fully tax deductible)
• The Alumni Language Exchange Bursary to assist a senior student on their exchange journey (not tax deductible)

By building philanthropy at IGS we will enhance the educational experience of all students at the School.

Please visit our Giving page to learn more and to make your gift.