IGS Alumnus creates playful, large-scale art

For IGS Alumnus Dave Glass (1999), it was his passion for art and language that inspired him to follow a career path of creating inflatable sculptures.

Dave, who creates large, inflatable sculptures inspired by the internet, said he explores concepts of fame and celebrity through tongue in cheek.

His works are often interactive, and always playful, large-scale art.

“The work is part performance and part visual art. I have no doubt that my participation in both of these subjects at IGS gave me the confidence to do these wonderful things,” Dave said.

“In 2008 my art and interest in languages brought me to Barcelona for some sort of “sabbatical”. I later made that city my home, and still to this day live next door with my wife and family in Lisboa.

“IGS encouraged me to travel, understand different cultures and get my feet wet with languages in the first place.”

Recalling his fondest memories at IGS, Dave said Miss Morabito was “the coolest; she helped me find my wings”.

Dave encouraged IGS students to follow their passions.

“Try to work in the field that you’re most interested in for yourself or for somebody you admire, with one small caveat. Make sure there’s an opportunity to get paid doing just that!