IGS alumnus Alannah Grasso’s artwork on show

As a little girl, IGS alumnus Alannah Grasso (2016) loved going to art galleries and creating art and craft at School.

She said the art she made while at IGS instilled a passion within her, and a career path to follow.

Alannah is currently in her final year of studying Art at the University of Wollongong and is proud to have one of her pieces of work on display at Feed Exhibition in the Taem Gallery from 3 to 16 August.

Her piece, Gnocchi gnocchi – Let’s keep making, was inspired by her memories of her grandmother.

Growing up, she would love days spent cooking with her grandmother and cousins.

“We don’t do that often now since my grandmother is getting older and we have all grown up,” she said.

“In my artwork, I am repeating the making process of gnocchi.”

Alannah said she loves the uniqueness of art, “which has been going for centuries and continues to innovate and challenge as the art industry and emerging artists evolve in today’s society”.

“There are so many layers within an artwork and your interpretation is up to you. 

“I love working with the different mediums that art allows us to explore and experiment with. It is an escape from the everyday world around us.”