IGS a ‘warm, supportive and nurturing family’

IGS parents Emma Collison and Brendan Read said they instantly fell in love with IGS.

“It was immediately evident that IGS was a warm, supportive and nurturing family,” Emma said.

Their sons are Oscar (2014) and current Year 12 student and Head Boy Orlando.

“In the mid ’90s I worked with Synergy Percussion,” Emma said. “Musician Michael Askill who sent his three boys to IGS, raved about the School’s excellent music and language programs.

“Due to the fact that I am an arts and entertainment publicist and Brendan is a photographer, we always knew that we wanted our boys to go to a creative school,” Emma said.

“We also wanted a co-educational school, so this recommendation was the perfect opportunity. The School has allowed the boys to develop their own creative interests. Orlando’s is baking and Oscar’s is architecture.

“We loved the warm, friendly and relaxed environment that the children were immersed in. When both boys were in Preschool, it never seemed like a daunting task asking young children to learn a foreign language.

“They both fell in love with language and still love it today. Oscar went on to complete French Continuers and French Extension in Year 12 and Orlando completed French Continuers, accelerated in Year 11.”

Brendan said the daily kindness, constant care and compassion were what impressed them most.

“IGS produces wonderful humans which the world needs,” he said.

“Over the past 21 years, IGS has played a huge role in our families’ lives.”

Emma said the School is very supportive and caring to both students and parents “on so many levels”.

“I had a serious accident back in 2007, Orlando was only in Preschool. Mr Bird came to see me in hospital, parents kindly dropped off food to our family and assisted driving the children to school. The IGS love and support was massive,” she said.

Brendan recalled an IGS Open Day, where he watched  a “gorgeous huddle of tiny children all reciting Japanese during a language class”.

“It made a big impression that children could all be together as one, learning cross culturally. Watching speech nights for many years, I witnessed hundreds of children each year leaving with life time friends. IGS allows for differences. It embraces it. Vive la difference!

They said one of the highlights of being a part of the IGS community was witnessing the life-changing experiences offered to students.

“Through IGS, our boys have become respectful and independent creative thinkers and we are most grateful. One of the many great things about IGS is the valuable overseas exchange programs.”

Oscar went on an exchange to Madrid in Spain in Year 8 and Cannes in France in Year 11. Orlando travelled to Nouméa in Year 6 and Montpellier in France at the end of Year 10.

“They were once in a lifetime opportunities which will stay with the boys forever,” Emma said. “The exchanges expanded their language skills, boosted their confidence in fluency and improved their confidence overall enormously.”

After graduating from IGS in 2014, Oscar went on to have a gap year, during which he visited his past exchange students again.

“The connections he made through IGS will stay with him forever. Oscar is currently completing his Masters in Architecture at UTS,” Emma said.

Orlando is currently studying Drama, English Advanced, Textiles and Design and Legal Studies at IGS and completed his French continuers accelerated last year.

“He wants to pursue his passion for baking when he leaves IGS and to study some aspect of design and/or communications.”

All the best to Orlando and the whole IGS Class of 2021!