IGS, a connected community

IGS parent Anh said her daughters have kept the IGS spirit alive at home and have been enjoying their remote learning, despite missing school, their teachers and friends.

“We are learning with flexible timing and participate in different events at School as if we are there. Harmony Day was actually very exciting for both of them,” Anh said.

The girls picked out their most glittering outfits and gave their best spirit to pose for photos to send to their teachers.

Anh said that dressing up or choosing a theme each day has allowed the girls to have something to look forward to.

Some of her suggestions were: Wacky Tacky day and favourite super heroes day.

“Their learning from home has been fun as we have been combining studying and learning games,” Anh said.

The girls enjoyed building a dollhouse last week out of recycled materials including packing foam and empty tins and bottles.