IGS 1000 Point Challenge

During COVID-19 restrictions, the IGS PDHPE Department has launched the 1000 Point Challenge.

After normal classes were interrupted by COVID-19, our very dedicated PDHPE Department spent a considerable amount of time collaborating and discussing how to best engage the IGS community to remain active.

The result was the IGS 1000 Point Challenge, a website that aims to provide a wide range of additional opportunities for physical, skill-based and wellbeing activities.

“While this challenge was originally created with students in mind, we quickly realised that there was a great opportunity for staff and parents to also get involved,” Director of PDHPE Brian Downton said.

“In doing so it was hoped that the fun concept could enhance the wellbeing of the whole IGS community.”

The challenge encourages students to participate in a range of weekly activities. Each activity has an allocated number of points associated with the task and by the end of the week, students in Kindergarten to Year 6 are encouraged to try and reach 500 points.

High School students, staff and parents and caregivers should aim for 1000 points.

“Although the focus is all about participation and enjoyment, the site does have a leaderboard and this will be updated each week,” Brian said.

“Activities will be updated regularly and there are a range of IGS teacher challenges as well as other appropriate fitness and wellbeing activities.”

Bonus points

Brian said a clear favourite among the students has been the range of “teacher challenges” on the site. These are 250 point bonus activities that IGS teachers have put on to give students the opportunity to “beat” their teacher in a remote setting!

The PDHPE Department would like to express thanks to  IGS parents Andrea Belunek and Julian Oppen for their valuable contributions and input into the site.

We hope the IGS 1000 Point Challenge helps keep your household active and healthy.