Humour strengthens connectedness

IGS Teacher Thom Marchbank has found a unique way to interact with his tutor group this week with silly hats, masks and costumes.

“Tutor group has been a shining light in the school day–preserving that fundamental pillar of connection to the school and its community that makes IGS so special,” Thom said.

“Each morning, we share stories, tell each other about what’s going on in our world, and show each other aspects of our lives that we would not normally get a chance to do at school–which has been brilliant.


“We have learned things about each other that wouldn’t have been possible.” We have had ‘Pet Thursday’, ‘Onesie Wednesday’, and ‘Breakfasts on Friday’, where we eat breakfast together.

“Even though we have had a new student join us for the first time this term from another school, we have still managed to connect with them and make them feel welcome, and they are already making a valuable contribution to our group.”

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