HSC Languages students press ahead

Senior Languages students pressed ahead with their studies during the Term 2 break.

Students studying Japanese spent three hours doing a practice HSC Trial Examination to “ensure they get used to the examination style, as well as learn the content,” Lucy Sensei said.

“Eri Sensei and I wanted to allow our Japanese students to experience what a three-hour exam felt like so that they could not only revise content but also practise their examination skills,” she said.

“Time management is crucial in an HSC language exam as well as ensuring all questions are answered effectively.

“The students told us in their feedback that they felt doing the whole exam under examination conditions helped them in their preparations. As Parker Floris said to me, he would not have done that by himself in his own time.

“Language examinations require focus and tenacity as well as creativity, so we felt this workshop could help them prepare.”

All IGS Languages students sitting the HSC this year had the opportunity to take part in HSC workshops during holidays.