‘Hold steady and be bigger, stronger, wiser and kind’ – IGS Principal

“We are in the midst of our very own adaptive challenge here at IGS, across the country and around the world - COVID-19,” Principal Shauna Colnan told colleagues during a virtual meeting this week.

“We must hold steady and be ‘bigger, stronger, wiser, kind’.

“Australian schools are at the centre of a fierce debate right now: to close or not to close. On Monday we had over 10 per cent of our students at home and the figure will continue to rise. Parents have not made this decision lightly. They are thoughtful and considered. They care deeply about their children’s education as do we.

Ms Colnan thanked her colleagues for their “expertise, warmth and creativity” as the School transitioned from a “place of learning here on campus to places of learning at home, wherever that may be”.

“Right now we are reimagining and redesigning the delivery of the NSW curriculum into hybrid digital platforms delivered to our students remotely.

“What a superb achievement to have this off the ground already and we will continue to build upon what we have so far and it will keep evolving as we prepare for the likelihood that teachers will be teaching their students with the school closed.

“Our students’ learning must continue.

“Our parents have expressed gratitude and admiration for your work to date and it’s those huge reserves of goodwill that we are drawing on now and our deep relationships across the community.

“Today it seems inevitable that schools will close. It’s more a matter of when than if.

“I have enormous confidence that we will make progress through this evolving situation organically, responsively, with good humour and with our students’ wellbeing and their education at the forefront of our thinking.

“We won’t overengineer our approach, because we need to be responsive to changing circumstances that are currently unknown, but we will create a rich learning program for all students that we expect them to progress through.

“We will provide them with ongoing feedback and seek feedback from them about what’s working well, what they’re finding difficult and what is the most interesting thing that they learned during the week.”