History Extension: India Pardoel

Title of Major Work: The denial machine 

India Pardoel chose History Extension to add depth to her understanding of the past and how the context of historians impact the history they produce.

India said she was hooked on History Extension from the first lesson.

“At the beginning when Dr Dennett was getting to know us, we had lots of fun with some very thought-provoking moral dilemmas,” she said.

“I also loved all the personal insight Dr Dennett injects into the course, entertaining but also very relevant.

“My Major Work focuses on how the fossil fuel company has continuously prevented action on climate change, through the puppeting of start-ups, and purposefully misconstruing and undermining climate science throughout the media.  

“The biggest challenge was accepting that I could by no means include all of the research I had gathered on this topic into one 2,500 word essay – then, deciding what to include and what to leave out. It was quite a broad topic and I think someday I’ll continue working on it and developing it into a more complete work.” 

India thanked Dr Dennett for his continuous encouragement and support.