Helpful results from recent surveys

IGS thanks all parents and caregivers who were able to respond to the recent surveys about the Off-Campus Learning Program and remote learning in our Early Learning Centre (ELC).

520 Kindergarten to Year 12 parents completed the MMG questionnaire, representing a relatively strong response rate of 59 per cent, while 21 per cent of ELC families responded.

Of the ELC respondents, most have accessed home learning activities and most felt that the home learning activities were relevant and engaging. Early Learning parents and caregivers appreciated the fact the Centre remains open to care directly for their children.

In the MMG survey, parents noted very high scores in the area of teaching resources, high scores in the communications, student wellbeing and adjustment to home-based learning, and a moderate score for teaching and learning.

The lowest scores were received in the MMG survey in questions to do with confidence that children could keep learning from home without significantly impairing their progress.

The highest levels of satisfaction (very high) across all year groups were with communication and teaching resources.

Parents and caregivers rated as “very high performance” “I am satisfied with the quality of communications about COVID-19” and “If I have any worries about home-based learning I know whom to contact”.

They also expressed “very high” satisfaction across the board with their child’s access to physical and technical resources to support home-based learning.

Parents of students in Years 5 to 9 Year gave a “very high” rating to “I believe my child’s teachers are doing all that is possible to keep my child interested and engaged”.

Parents acknowledged a number of positive aspects about their children learning from home. These included “more family time together”, “independence, organisation, time-management and responsibility”, “teachers’ support and engagement”, parents being able to see what their children were learning, adjusting to and enjoying online classes (particularly among Kindergarten to Year 9 students), students working at their own pace (particularly among students in Years 7 to 9), and “keeping engaged, interested task focused” and “reduced travel time” (for Years 10 to 12).

Parents were most concerned about their children “maintaining high academic standards”, “reduced direct supervision”, and having “too much screen time for recreation”. Primary School students and those in Year 10 to 12 missed “being able to interact with other students in class”, while parents of students in Years 7 to 9 wanted more feedback about their child’s progress. Parents of students in Primary School were concerned about their children’s “ability to stay well-connected with friends”.

IGS teaching staff are scrutinising detailed results to help fine-tune remote learning and the Off-Campus Learning Program.