Hello Mandarin competition

Congratulations to students in Year 1 and 2 who competed in the Hello Mandarin competition.

Earlier this month,  IGS students competed in the second round of the 2021 ‘Hello Mandarin’ Recitation Competition.

There were around 50 participants including primary school and high school students from all over Australia.

“It was a tough competition but a wonderful learning experience!” said Mandarin teacher Linda Gu.

“International Grammar School students achieved amazingly as individuals and as a team!”

A group of eight primary school students participated in the competition, including Jayden, Tui, Margot, Renai, Maya, Sarina, Livia and Stephen.

During her Italian lesson, Sarina in Year 1, presented her Chinese story “A Crow Drinks Water” and explained what it was about. She also proudly explained to the class that she learns Chinese at home. All the children were fascinated by her presentation and were inspired to share their heritage language experiences.

“Congratulations to all these students for their amazing achievements! Many parents who were there told me that they were so moved by the children’s performances.

“I am so proud of all these students! Let’s wish them good luck for the Grand Final in May.”