Head Boy Orlando Read receives early offer

Congratulations to IGS 2021 Head Boy Orlando Read who has received an early offer to study Communications (Strategic Communications) at UTS.

Orlando said he was extremely happy to have received an offer into the exact course he wanted.

Orlando, who runs a successful baking business, Orlando’s Sweets, said he is planning to pursue his baking business as a career.

Orlando will defer his studies to begin in 2023, so he can spend the next year focusing on his business.

“Hopefully, this will help to build strong foundations so that I can balance the business with my Bachelor of Communications degree in 2023. I hope I can also travel overseas next year as I am keen to see my French exchange student again and travel around Europe, something I’ve looked forward to my whole life,” Orlando said.

“I started my baking business four years ago and for the past few years, I have known that I want baking to be involved in my career in some aspect. Choosing this degree will not only give me the skills to improve my business but will hopefully also allow me to branch out into other areas of the creative industry if I ever decide I’d like to move away from baking.

“I think the overall IGS way of celebrating uniqueness and diversity is what has made me decide to follow my passion. The School celebrates student talent and this is what made me realise that I should continue with baking if it’s what I like doing.”

Orlando said the opportunity to be Head Boy has been “a dream come true”.

“I hope that my decision to follow what I love will inspire kids in younger years to do the same when they begin to think about their careers,” he said.

“I was lucky to find my passion so young, so my advice to any IGS students who have also discovered something they love is to pursue it if it is what will bring them happiness.

“To anyone who feels they haven’t yet discovered their passion, don’t stress. Some find theirs earlier than others, some even find theirs years after going to university.

“There is no need to put pressure on yourself to find your ‘passion’. It will come naturally.”

The early offer to Orlando brings the total of university early entry offers to IGS students to 18 so far, through programs including MQ Leaders and Achievers, University of Wollongong Early Entry, UTS Early Entry Program, ANU Direct Entry, Western Sydney’s True Rewards Program and the ACU Guarantee.