Have donuts, will travel

Year 9 students are hard at work raising funds for their Red Earth immersion tour, coming up in winter.

They’ll be selling donuts, biscuits and hot drinks every Friday morning before school until their expedition, to the Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands in the remote north west of South Australia.

Profits will be used for a community project.

“We’re excited about this opportunity,” said Year 9 student Alexander Harris. “We’ll be using the funds to help provide a water tank or what ever will benefit the community at the time we visit their lands.”

IGS Red Earth expedition fundraising
IGS Red Earth expedition fundraising

The meetings contribute to team building and generate a positive understanding of what we will be undertaking when we head off on our adventure in July, said IGS Indigenous Immersion Coordinator Lucy Howard-Shibuya.

“This trip will allow the students to grow as independent travelers, build leadership skills, improve their teamwork and contribute to this community with its wonderfully rich and ancient culture.”

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