Hard work pays off for Hanu

Congratulations to IGS Year 6 student Hanu Tyagi who recently achieved his black belt in karate.

His achievement is a culmination of almost seven years of rigorous, regular weekly training.

The black belt ceremony involved a combination of core strength, strenuous combat, and 3,000 moves.

“Hanu loves Karate as it has increased his self-confidence, fitness, and mental resilience,” Hanu’s father Shailesh said.

“Karate has imbued him with a good sense of discipline, whereby he trains every morning to improve his core strength to complement his karate lessons.

“He is particularly proud of the fact that he has maintained a regimen of disciplined training, even during the lockdown period when lessons resorted to online classes.”

Hanu now has his eyes set on achieving the Junior Nidan belt.

Congratulations, Hanu, and all the best of luck with your next challenge.