Pushing ahead in Mathematics

A group of nine IGS Year 11 students have worked extra hard in Mathematics over the past few years and will join the Year 12 cohort in sitting the Higher School Certificate Examination in Mathematics Advanced in Term 4.

Next year, most of these students will study Mathematics Extension 1 and some will also study Extension 2.

After their HSC Trial Examination, the students had the opportunity to challenge themselves with Mathematics in another language.

One of the students, Nika Mikhin, whose background is Russian, brought in a particularly difficult examination.

“In Mathematics Accelerated, after our Trial Examinations, we decided to attempt several much harder exams for fun,” said Nika.

“I personally decided to bring an entrance to a high-tier university in Russia, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, which while much more difficult than even our future HSC exams, is still in line with the content we had covered in class previously.

“It was especially interesting to work with my father to both translate and work out the questions, as he had attended the very same university for which these exams were written.

“The questions, while challenging, were surprisingly fun to do both in class and my own spare time later. Though I may not have finished all of them correctly or in the ‘correct’ time limit, it’s an experience that I believe was highly beneficial and important to have.”