IGS Centre for the Dramatic Arts and IGS Bibliothèque project update

Campus improvements: What to expect in early 2020

Construction works have begun on the latest IGS campus improvements and are expected to continue throughout most of the upcoming school holidays.

The projects are in keeping with the School’s strategic area of action to reimagine and redesign the IGS campus.

During the summer holidays, works will continue on the new IGS Centre for the Dramatic Arts (CDA).

Entry to the School will still be through the main gates when school resumes in the New Year. Please expect to see some temporary changes to the entry to the School and the area outside the Hall.

Scaffolding and hoardings will be erected from 6 January at the School entry and in the area outside the Hall, to enable works on the IGS Bibliothèque to progress safely.

While some building noise can be expected, every effort is being made to minimise potential disruption.

Parking availability will be as usual. We expect that access to bubblers, the Canteen and bike racks will be maintained.

We thank our colleagues and the IGS community very much for their patience and understanding as these exciting projects progress.

Please contact IGS Head of Finance Hannes Roos at hannesr@igssyd.nsw.edu.au if you have specific questions about the projects.