‘Growth mindset’ a key to ‘great accomplishment’

Keen IGS Science students warmly welcomed Nanosonics Ltd Senior Mechatronics Engineer Gavin Spargo during National Science Week.

Experienced engineer, Mr Spargo, a UTS graduate, joined students via Zoom in the IGS Bibliothèque.

He described some highlights of his career, including designing and detailing a fitting for the Chatswood to Epping railway tunnel while still a student, creating a six-legged robot, his work on a carbon fibre helicopter and his current work at infection prevention innovator Nanosonics Ltd.

He encouraged the students to learn as much as possible in work environments and to seek help when necessary, saying feeling out of one’s depth could also be seen as a great opportunity to learn. 

“There was a great response from our students,” said Science Teacher Chamini Gamage.

Year 12 student Conor asked about the difference between a mechatronics engineer and mechanical engineer.

“Mr Spargo said Mechatronics engineering combines the fundamentals of Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science disciplines,” Ms Gamage said. “However, you do end up specialising in one of these disciplines more than the others.”

A vote of thanks was given by Year 11 student Grace Truman. She thanked him for his time and said she was particularly interested about the ideation aspects of engineering.

“This kind of session is immensely valuable for our students,” Ms Gamage said.

“As our students aspire to pursue careers in Science and Engineering, they obtain important industry insight while being inspired and motivated to work hard to achieve their goals.

“There is also an aspect of improving their growth mindset as they hear from the experts themselves, that challenges are opportunities to grow and resilience is key for great accomplishment.”