Greening Year 1 Blue

As part of their Bare Necessities' science unit, Year 1 Blue have been busy greening their classroom.

Year 1 Blue recently planted succulents and flowers, and are looking forward to learning how to propagate the new plants using the leaves of the succulents.

“The class planned where each one would go, and with a little help from the Maintenance Department, our railing was fitted out for the pots,” Jasmin Flyte said.

“The children enjoyed potting some succulent cuttings and some weeds.

“They created some really beautiful artworks around the plant theme as well.

“The children have been bringing their friends into the room to show off their garden. It shows great pride in their achievements.”

Students were treated to a virtual discussion with Hillary who is a volunteer at the Castlecrag Community Garden.

One of the students in Year 1 Blue, Davin, is a member and helps at the garden on the weekends.

“The students asked for advice on the succulents that we are currently propagating, and got to look around the garden at some of the unique species that they have,” Ms Flyte said.

“They also got to share their own garden with the volunteers there.”