Green thumbs up

Taking part in co-curricular activities is integral to IGS school life. It allows students to take advantage of the diverse and wonderful learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Students can select from more than 70 clubs on offer at IGS, and may join as many co-curricular activities as they like.

The IGS Garden Club is one expression of our students’ commitment to and interest in the environment.

“Children from Years 1 to 6 gather together to help tend to ‘Mr Galea’s Garden’ as the children call it, that beautiful oasis on Level 4 of the Reg St Leon Building,” Principal Shauna Colnan wrote in this week’s Through Line, her weekly letter to staff.

“It’s a magical place, with its stingless bees, orange trees and tomatoes heavy on the vine. It has funny little gnomes hiding in much loved pots, an interesting array of succulents and a jacaranda reaching skyward. A frangipani graces the corner of the garden and at this time of the year, the sun beats down and the city gleams in the distance,” Ms Colnan wrote.

The Garden Club provides students the opportunity to work together, growing and caring for plants, and helps nurture a sense of responsibility for other living things.

“Our children want to grow plants and care for them and it’s important that we give them experiences that facilitate their innate desire to care and to be part of the natural world,” Ms Colnan wrote.

The Garden Club is now extending their small green thumbs into the IGS Peace Garden, transformed from a forgotten space to an outdoor sanctuary with a fountain at its centre and the beginnings of a garden.

“The children of the Garden Club are going to create a more expansive garden this year,” Ms Colnan wrote. “This is their project and I like to think that it will be magical and memory-making for them, much like those children in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden.”

Ms Colnan has been meeting with some of our garden enthusiasts and sharing ideas.

“The children of the Garden Club are excited at the prospect of us having a whole wall of sweet peas across the Peace Garden, imagine the beauty!” Ms Colnan wrote. “We want the children of IGS to love their Peace Garden and to redefine it as their own special place.”