Green thumbs for Year 8

Year 8 students have planted herbs and vegetables in the new IGS vegetable pods as part of their Technology mandatory course.

They will use technology to determine the right amount of water to give their plants, and they plan to eat the produce next term.

The project is greening the campus near the Wright Building and Design and Technology Centre. 

“Students will be documenting the growth of the plants and minimising water waste by testing the moisture of the soil using code that they are writing, and only watering when required,” said Design and Technology Teacher Mark Devine.

Greta: Today we planted vegetables and flowers, such as carrots and lettuce. We planted them for our technology lesson. Next term we will be using Micro:Bits to test things such as soil moisture. When we are done with the Micro:Bit we will be having a picnic and using our produce. It was very fun planting the vegetables and I am excited for the coding unit.

Louisa: In DT we planted our garden so it would be ready for our coding unit next term, in which we will test soil moisture levels (which should be an exciting experience). I enjoyed today because I had lots of fun while still learning.

Charli: Today we planted some vegetables and flowers for our Year 8 technology class. It is for our coding unit next term where we will be unique micro-bits to test soil moisture. It was fun and I can not wait to do the coding and eat them next term.

Zara: Pod to plate: smart garden
We planted flowers and herbs in DT so we can code and test soil moisture using microbits. It was really fun and I cant wait to eat them next term.

Lexie: In DT we planted our smart garden. It will take one term to grow. In our unit for next term we will be testing moisture and making recipes to make salads out of our produce. I enjoyed the practical parts where my friends and I got to plant out the garden.

Mia: Today we got to plant basil, parsley, chives, beetroot, lettuce and carrot. It was fun getting to work as a class outdoors and be fully in control of the layout and what we were doing.

Dante: I dug trenches for the seeds and slapped the soil until it was level.

Kallum: We planted our plats in preparation for our Term 2 picnic. It was an amazing experience.

Bruno: I enjoyed taking photos of people having fun planting plants.

Janna: The smart garden pod was a fun little project! It encouraged us to collaborate with each other and learn how to plant vegies. Some of such were chives, lettuce, and beetroot. It was a little different to do an outdoor project for DT but I quite enjoyed it.

Aro: We planned where we wanted to put everything in the pod, and then we went outside to the pod and started planting. We didn’t have gloves or a shovel, so we used our bare hands. First we planted the marigold in the centre, careful to be exact, and then the carrots and beetroot. After that, we planted the basil, lettuce and chives. It was surprisingly fun and we got to get our hands dirty.