Green Dream Homes challenge and satisfy

Year 4 Green Dream Home creative STEAM projects fostered teamwork and time management skills as well as sustainability knowledge.

Rooftop gardens, a waterfall power generator, greywater recycling, chickens, rainwater tank, solar panels, compost bins, vegetable gardens, skylights and more featured in the recently completed Year 4 Green Dream Home projects.

Students enjoyed analysing the needs of those who would live in their house as well as desirable environmentally friendly elements they wished to include.

Their planning was assisted with bubble diagrams and detailed diagrams.

They set to work with cardboard and sticky tape to build their models, and wrote and delivered speeches.

The exercise also included cleaning up after themselves and being interviewed about their experience.

4 Gold teacher Teresa Bertoli thanked sustainable house expert Michael Mobbs, UTS Professor of Architecture Anthony Burke “and all our other wonderful expert parents and friends” for helping students deepen and apply their understanding, skills, creativity and knowledge to design and build their “fabulous” Green Dream Homes.