Gracious about ‘Grace Beside Me’

It’s been many months in the making, but now it’s here!

SBS children’s drama Grace Beside Me, starring the talented Kiki Masella of Year 8 as Fuzzy Mac, was launched recently in Queensland.

The first episode will premiere on NITV on Friday 16 February at 7.30pm and will be available for download from SBS On Demand.

The series begins with Kiki, playing Fuzzy Mac, living with her eccentric grandparents (not her real ones), turning 13 and discovering she can community with spirits.

Billed as “combining whimsy, adventure, comedy and drama, the series takes audiences on an emotional roller coaster ride, following Fuzzy as she learns to accept her gift and understand the meaning of ‘grace’.”

Kiki has thanked her fellow actors and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share knowledge about Australia’s oldest living culture with Australians of all backgrounds.

In another IGS connection, IGS parent and freelance TV drama director Lynn-Maree Danzey was asked by the producers of the Grace Beside Me series, Magpie Pictures, to direct the first four episodes.

“It’s an amazing Australian hit series,” Lynn-Maree said. “These are wonderful stories for children, raising awareness of a Aboriginal spirituality and culture in an entertaining and heartfelt way.”

“The series showcases great Australian talent, including Kiki.”

There are now 13 episodes ready to roll. Click here to find out more.

Kiki Masella and Lynn-Maree Danzey at the launch of Grace Beside Me