Mind abuzz with International Science School opportunity

IGS 2021 Head Girl Grace Truman is delighted to have been selected to take part in the International Science School at the University of Sydney.

“I am so thrilled to have been selected to be part of this year’s International Science School (Online) program!” said Grace, who is also the School inaugural STEM leader.

“This year will be a bit different to previous years of the program with all the sessions being conducted via Zoom.

“The program includes a series of Zoom lectures, virtual laboratory tours and hands-on experiments.

“I just received a package in the post today with all the equipment I will need to conduct experiments at home, which is pretty exciting.

“I cannot wait to hear from lecturers whose fields of expertise include cosmology, computational neuroscience and high efficiency solar cells.

“And I am also really looking forward to meeting and discussing all things STEM with so many passionate science students.”

Among her many achievements, Grace took an accelerated pathway at IGS that allowed her to sit her German Continuers and Mathematics Advanced HSC exams while still in Year 11, achieving a score of 98 in the Mathematics Advanced course and a 96 in German Continuers.

Grace is also an accomplished actor, creates her own internationally award-winning video series, Graceful, and is an ambassador for Fly High Billie.