Grace celebrates Series 2 of Graceful, amazing Grace

Congratulations to IGS Head Girl Grace Truman who has just launched the trailer for Series 2 of Graceful, amazing Grace.

“There are six episodes in the series. We shot one over a year ago called Fears, then we had to wait through 2020 to be able to film safely with a COVID plan and protocols,” Grace said.

“We entered the Fears episode into a Festival in Rome during that time, and while we were filming in December we found out that our episode had won Best Drama Series and Best International Web Series at the Festival. That was a great boost for the whole cast and crew, as we embarked on this new series with so many new stories to share.

“We were supported by Screen Australia with development and production funding which made a big difference to what we were able to achieve with filming. They asked us to step it up, and I think we managed to do just that.”

The new episodes tell the story of Grace in her middle years of High School. The topics of the episodes are friends, choices, group project, appearance and assessment. 

“We shot for six days at the end of last year and two of those days were at IGS in the school holidays straight after Speech Night,” she said.

“We filmed in DT Lane, the Imaginarium, the Bibliothèque, a Music room and a Science lab. There was a lot to film, lots of crew members, and we had IGS students from across the High School playing roles and featured extras.

“All the crew were really impressed with how the students worked on those long days, and although it’s a really fun process, working on set requires discipline and creativity. Two IGS teachers, Mr Fedele and Mrs Weir, also feature in the episodes.

“We were also very lucky to have actor Mark Lee, who is best known as co-lead in the feature film Gallipoli. We are really pleased with the finished episodes and can’t wait to share them with our audience in early March.”