RU OK? Day honours and supports everyone at IGS

Smiles, splashes of golden yellow and messages of friendship and support greeted students as the IGS community celebrated RU OK? Day.

“Mental health is just as important as physical health,” said Francesca of Year 9.

“Everything in your life starts to go down rapidly if you are not caring for your mental health. You need to have support at every level.

“We want to make sure everyone is the best they can be.”


Francesca and Sophie, also of Year 9, helped set up a free lunch time “drop-in” club in K301 for students on Thursdays.

“We need to break the stigma and create more awareness,” said Sophie of Year 9.

“RU OK? Day should be every single day. Everyone’s mental health is extremely important. Everyone is important, and everyone deserves the help they need.”

Parents and caregivers enjoyed morning tea in the new Counselling Suite on Level 1 opposite student reception, and the IGS Parents, Teachers and Friends (PTF) supported the morning, including creating a word cloud on the spot from participants responses to a question about what they do when they feel stressed.

Word cloud shows responses from more than 150 members of the IGS community on RU OK? Day


“It was lovely to see kids writing about friendship, because that’s what underlies our mental health, being connected to our family and friends and supporting each other,” Andrea said.