Golden girl heads to the nation’s capital

Gold Duke of Ed recipient and high-flying HSC achiever Nina Rewitzer will start International Relations and Arts at ANU in February.

“I’m really excited,” said Nina, who achieved third place in the State in German Extension and received 49 out of 50 in both Extension German and English Extension.

Nina said she “freaked out” at her excellent results, as she wasn’t expecting them.

“The German exam was really difficult. I thought I’d blown it.”

Nina attributes her success to multiple factors, including balancing her study with many extra curricular activities, the support IGS offered her in her choice of subjects, and the attitude IGS encouraged.

“Lots of people quit everything before Year 12, but I made sure I kept things going.

“I’m the kind of person who is better when I’m busy. I stayed involved in IGS Voices and Senior Vocal Ensemble, and completed my Gold Level Duke of Edinburgh’s Scheme challnges.

“I also kept quite fit, going to the School Gymn every Monday for Girls’ Fitness and Wednesdays for Cardio fitness.

“My English major work was about post-holocaust German literature, as modern Germany continues to achknowledge and reconcile with the holocaust. A lot of what I was reading and watching was very distressing, but my activities helped me to switch off and de-stress.

Nina presenting her Extension 2 English major work

“I couldn’t have done it without the support of IGS. They encouraged me to do German Extension even though I was the only student in the class.

“IGS helped me have that well-rounded HSC.

“It didn’t happen by accident. The HSC is a really harsh system, but IGS tries its best to keep it human and that’s why I think we do so well at IGS.”

Nina addressed an assembly before her departure, thanking IGS teachers.

“As we have become less angsty and slightly more grown up over the past two years, the difference between a teacher and friend has become harder to discern,” she said.

“Like friends, you have supported us, believed in us when we hit various walls and obstacles along the way and reminded us of the perspective we sometimes very much needed. I know we have tested your patience but it has been more important than you realise to know you are invested in us far more deeply than your job description requires.

“Teachers, you are incredibly committed and I admire the passion you bring to your role in the IGS community.

On behalf of Year 12, thank you for everything you have done in and out of the classroom for our wellbeing and growth, because the IGS experience wouldn’t be the same without you.” 

She also shared stirring words about her IGS Class of 2019 colleagues, with whom she’s moved “from the sandpit to the study space” and shared “countless laughs and adventures”.

‘Part of something wonderful’

“As we sit in the departure lounge, the range of feelings one often feels at an airport confront us now. The nerves about whether everything will go to plan, the excitement about the journey and the promise of the destination are certainly things I am feeling leading up to saying goodbye…

“We will miss you and as our various flights depart out of the IGS gates, we will look out the small window at what was and smile knowing we were a part of something wonderful.”

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