‘Globally minded, progressive and creative thinkers’ at IGS

Sam and Ken Lambert, parents of Year 12 twins Myles and Wynton, said they felt guided towards IGS well before their boys were even born.

“Before we had the boys, we kept encountering these interesting kids belonging to colleagues, friends and peers,” Sam said.

“We noticed they seemed worldly, smart and had a certain self confidence. They were IGS students.

“Through these encounters we heard about this intriguing school focusing on languages and creativity. When we think back to this time, it was like we were somehow guided towards IGS.

“We went to an open day when our twins were babies, and remember them crawling around the Preschool area. It was exciting, colourful and filled with warmth.

“The boys seemed immediately comfortable from the first minute they arrived, and it was hard to drag them away. We were 100 per cent onboard after that open day. We both wished we could have gone to a school like IGS.”

The parents loved the idea that their boys could start in Preschool, and go all the way through to Year 12 at a co-ed School.

They loved that the Preschool, Primary and High School all inhabited the same environment. Sam said it seemed like a big, happy family.

“We loved that they would be studying a second language from the age of three, every day. The School’s philosophy appealed to us, in that each student was encouraged to grow into the best version of themselves,” she said.

“Their first day in Preschool Green with Emily, Francesca and Wendy was terrific. The boys skipped off without a care, and loved it from day one. I recall a little Jay McAndrew squished in between them during the good morning song, and that was that, they are still great friends to this day.”

Sam said she felt a part of the unique IGS community, and has made great friends over the years.

“We’ve felt supported through tough times and have had a lot of fun as a family,” she said.

“IGS has been an extension of home for Myles and Wynton. They have always loved school and wanted to get involved in everything on offer. They understood that sacrifices would be made to send them to a private school and consequently we feel they gave it their all.

“The teaching staff go above and beyond. It is clear that the teachers and staff genuinely care about our kids.”

“Highlights for the boys have been all the International Days, ArtsFest, Primary School Language Camps, as well as the SAGE Week activities. They also enjoyed Volleyball (especially the Beach tournaments),” she said.

When asked, the boys said the opportunity to go on the Red Earth trip was the highlight that stands out for them the most.

“Wynton and Myles were thrilled when their cousin Madiba joined them at IGS in High School,” Sam said.

“We sent our boys to IGS with the hope that they would graduate as globally minded, progressive, creative thinkers. We think they seem to be on track.”

All the best to Wynton and Myles and the whole IGS Class of 2021! We’ll miss you.