Global Scholar’s Prize winning essays

The annual IGS Global Scholar's Prize demands insight and clarity of expression.

Principal Shauna Colnan created the Global Scholar’s essay prize in 2014 with the first topic on the implications of the MH17 aircraft downing. Ms Colnan announces the winner each Speech Night in December.

Other topics have included the Road from Damascus, the refugee crisis in Syria, the fallout from Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump.

We congratulate alumnus Samuel Garrett (2016) for winning the first three prizes, showing great insight into world affairs, and Jessica Trevelyan of Year 12 for her winning essay in 2017. 

“I have always been interested in the forces shaping our world and modern society,” Jessica said. “This essay has provided a fantastic opportunity for me to explore complex global issues, as well as improve my essay writing skills.”

Global Scholar’s Prize winning essay 2014

Global Scholar’s Prize winning essay 2015

Global Scholar’s Prize winning essay 2016

Global Scholar’s Prize winning essay 2017