Global insights inspire educators

A team of IGS teachers recently took part in the Deeper Learning Conference at High Tech High in San Diego, joining educators from around the globe who are passionate about discovering, designing and developing great learning communities.

The team arrived back at IGS full of fresh ideas and eager to share their own learning.

“The average adult only actively listens for 17 seconds,” said Head of Gura House Katie Salisbury.

IGS staff at High Tech High

IGS Deputy Principal Students and Campus Life Mary Duma (above, left) is pictured with What school could be author and Most likely to succeed executive producer Ted Dintersmith with Head of Teacher accreditation and Development Michelle Weir, Deputy Head of Junior School Josie Nardella, Dr Kent McGuire of the Hewlett Foundation and Darryl Adams from the US Center for Democracy and Education at the Deeper Learning Conference.

Primary School Digital Innovator David Smith was struck by the open architecture of the elementary school, which has three floors with break-out spaces.

He said it reminded him of a factory in which teachers collaborated and children were actively engaged in their own learning.

He also noticed a lot of blending of online content with the curriculum, and a real drive to make learning relevant for students’ lives.

IGS staff at the Deeper Learning conference

Other insights:

“We need to be asking questions instead of giving directions.”

“Give students confidence they have the ability to learn.”

“Without ambiguity there is no creativity.”

“When working with teams, make small changes towards a big impact, and treat your colleagues the way you want them to treat their students.”

Project Based Learning planning
Planning Project-Based Learning

“The biggest thing I’ve taken away is that we favour complicity over creativity and self expression. It really rings true to me. Not every student looks the same when they are engaged in meaningful learning. It’s our job now to work towards better learning environments and better facilitation of student-directed, meaningful learning.”

“Robin Williams said ‘No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world’,” said Mary Duma. “It’s not unlike how our School was created!”