Girls’ Maths Mentoring Club

IGS Head Girl and STEM Leader Grace Truman has launched a Girls' Maths Mentoring Club with a goal of helping girls build their confidence in Maths.

The club is run by Year 10 students for younger female students in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Mentors Harriet Tonkin and Fatimah Beydoun are looking forward to helping other students succeed in Maths and provide insights into how to do well in Maths. 

“The mentors have been helping students with homework, study and helping to answer any Maths related questions they might have,” Grace said.

“The club provides a space where students can come for one-on-one support with Maths. By tackling Maths questions with the support of the Year 10 mentors, club members are working through and overcoming whatever they are finding challenging in Maths.”

The club takes place at lunchtime on Mondays in Paul Galea’s office. New visitors are welcome.