Garden brings joy to Early Learners

The children in Early Learning have enjoyed connecting to nature and closely observing their garden for celery stalks and carrot tops.

Early Childhood Teacher Sonja Wiedenmaier said the children have planted vegetables, and are enjoying the responsibility of watering the garden.

“Something is eating the celery,” Matilda said.

“It’s worms and caterpillars,” Harrison added.

Sonja said it was wonderful to hear the reciprocal dialogue unfold about what minibeasts might be enjoying the recently planted celery stalks.

Audrey and Mila asked “How many times can you regrow something?” Sonja added that this was a great question and potential hook for further investigations.

Early Childhood Teacher Miriam Jones said Early Learning Red was very interested in the gardening project earlier in the year and have recently been admiring a number of flowers and plants outdoors.

“The children have been looking at them with magnifying glasses.”