Gaining perspective

Aboriginal Studies students recently had a visit from Uncle Bob Young from Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC).

KBHAC was established by the survivors of Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home (KBH), run by the Government for more than 50 years (1924 to 1970) to house Aboriginal boys forcibly removed from their families.

“I enjoyed the fact that he shared his story with our class so we could understand his perspective of the stolen generation and understand the injustices that occurred,” said Max of Year 11.

“He was taken when he was 5 years old, and told he was going to a barbeque. The next thing he knew he was on the train to Central. Eventually, he was taken to the Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home near Kempsey on the mid-north coast.”

Uncle Bob gave the students a firsthand account of KBH, and how the boys were treated there during this time.

“The personal recount made the stories even more real for us, rather than just a historical event that happened without any particular context,” said Abby of Year 11.

Students confirmed that hearing from Uncle Bob was “rewarding and insightful”.

“Looking at another person’s perspective can present different information on a specific event, allowing for a different story to be told,” Max said. “When similar aspects of two different perspectives are put together, an entirely new story can emerge, allowing the truth of the event to be fully understood.”