From the Principal

Congratulations to all.

I am so proud of the way the IGS community has stepped up to deal with this pandemic.

NSW Health directed us all to stay home if possible, to prevent the virus from spreading.

Everyone has had to work harder, smarter and with more patience and good will than ever, and we’ve had a great first week.

Not every child finds it easy to learn virtually, be they at home or on campus, but children and young people constantly surprise and inspire us with their remarkable adaptability.

Children learn quickly and their innate sense of curiosity, their energy and their inherent joy shone through all week. My colleagues are also providing intensive support to those who are struggling in this trying time.

I’m so conscious that not every parent will have found it easy to supervise their children while they’ve been at home learning, particularly while also working from home, but we got to Friday afternoon!

Thank you! I’m so grateful for your support and for the kind words so many of you have sent through to us. The words “I see you” meant the world to my colleagues who I know are working very hard to do the very best they can for our students. Your acknowledgement of their fine work and effort is much appreciated.

IGS faced hardships in its earliest years in the 1980s and 90s as we searched for a campus to call home. Our longest serving teachers remember children playing in rubble, and making learning resources from anything on hand. “We were making a school” is what our Deputy Head of Primary Josie Nardella told me when I first arrived, as she described those heady days.

Our beautiful campus is hard won, but it is the generous and can-do spirit of our mighty school community that makes us who we are, and we have never been more grateful for all that we have and all that we are.

While we continue to adapt to delivering the curriculum to our students through the Off-Campus Learning Program, we remain committed to continuous improvement in all of our offerings.

In that light, I’m thrilled to announce that we have just appointed our first School Nurse. Please enjoy the feature we have here on Nurse Pek, a talented, experienced health professional who our students will come to know very shortly.

Have a wonderful term and stay safe. 

Shauna Colnan


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