From the Head Girl

Coming back to School after weeks of lockdown prompted a wide mix of emotions.

On one hand, bottled up excitement to be thrust back into our familiar school community and on the other, a newfound fear for the unknown. Each day would be a test. Each day that our school stayed open would feel like a success.

As a student, I found it most difficult to navigate my place within our chaotic social and political world. Studying for exams and learning class content seemed nonsensical when I considered the world I was surrounded by. While a global pandemic was devastating countries and economies I was sat at my desk desperately trying to remember maths formulas. However, I have come to understand a lot more about myself and the way in which I learn throughout this reflective period. It has forced me to become more versatile and problem solve in ways that I never have before. As I come up to my HSC exams towards the end of this year, remote learning has revealed itself to be a blessing in disguise. Personally, I feel as though it was an opportunity for me to learn how to effectively manage my workload and how grateful I am for my incredibly hard-working and inspiring teachers.

In regards to my position as Head Girl, people have come to me asking for solutions to issues I am unable to fix. This has proved to be both challenging and empowering as I have been able to act as a role model in this environment of such ambiguity.

It is important to now reflect on how through seeming separation we have come together through this shared experience. This virus should not be taken as a setback but instead as an opportunity to appreciate the smaller things we failed to see before.