From little things, big things grow

Some of our littlest learners visited Ultimo Community Garden earlier in the week, discovering their green thumbs.

Transition students who are learning German and Italian enjoyed reciting the names of garden observations in their studied language.

Working together in small groups, the children searched for various plants which were listed in German and Italian on a worksheet.


They found “minze” (German for mint), “basilikum” (German for basil), “spinaci” (Italian for spinach) “rosemarino” (Italian for rosemary) and more, calling out the names in their languages upon discovery.

Not only did the children enjoy learning about the Garden’s plants, they also had a chance to deposit fruit and vegetables into the compost station.


This is a regular activity for IGS Early Learners, as they learn about sustainability and how we can all take steps to reduce our impact on the environment.