From Director of Art and Design Drew Bickford

If there was ever a year that required the problem-solving skills, creative energy and resilience of IGS students, 2021 was that year.

While this year has pushed the limits of endurance and innovation across all areas of the IGS learning landscape, the Art and Design student body are some of the most visible emblems of this strength. These online exhibitions demonstrate that the 2021 cohort have worked with incredible flexibility and dynamism to produce powerful major projects in Design and
Technology, Visual Arts, and Textiles and Design.

Expressive, personal, and reflective works were the outcome of nine months of creative labour in Visual Arts. Despite the interrupted access to our specialist studios, our students were resourceful and inspired in their ability to pivot and
reimagine aspects of their original artmaking concepts. In spite of, or perhaps because of the unique circumstances of 2021, there was a tremendously positive engagement with the HSC course. In many cases this saw students being challenged to rethink, redevelop and redefine their bodies of work.

Creating artworks in a world recently compressed and compacted by the necessities of wellbeing, our students became more acutely attuned to their immediate surroundings. This was notably reflected in works that traversed the concept of
physical, mental, and emotional territories. Places and spaces were explored via a huge diversity of media; with students working in ceramics, filmmaking, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography. Each artmaking investigation was sensitively realised and the student’s works were dramatically cathartic expressions of freedom, in a time where freedoms have been so few.

The inspired pragmatists of our creative cohort are the Design and Technology students; whose solution-oriented major projects are always driven by the desire to innovate and improve. This year’s small but creative team of four, investigated important issues, all with a focus on wellbeing or safety. One of the Major Design Projects was a reimagined approach to desk design, with a specific interest in aiding students with ADHD. Another student explored the utilitarian, but potentially life-saving realm of first-responder kits, and bike safety features were road-tested in another project. Bringing the outside world indoors was the very timely and appropriate subject of one major project, with designer indoor planter boxes created to enhance wellbeing for apartment-dwellers. Creative innovation is at the heart of all Design and Technology and the 2021 cohort has worked to a very high standard this year.

Our Textiles and Design students represent a company of creatives who work somewhere in the space between Visual Arts and Design and Technology. Their skill-base is technical, they are also highly creative and there is significant problem-
solving involved in all aspects of their practice. Exploring the world of fashion, accessories and costumes, the Textiles and Design students have created incredible pieces that draw inspiration from the classical, to breathe life into dramatic new
garments and accessories.

Every corner of the wearable landscape seems to have been explored this year, with gowns, eveningwear, parkas, and pants featuring in the creative production line. The quality of craftsmanship and the student’s painstaking attention to detail resulted in high calibre textile products that suggest promising future careers for our IGS fashion designers.

I congratulate all of our amazing HSC Art and Design students for 2021. They have worked with incredible vigour and creativity throughout the most challenging of years. I would also like to thank the 2021 HSC teachers Ms Ksenija Doic, Mr Mark Devine and Ms Sandra Veljanovski for their hard work in guiding the students. Our Art and Design Technicians play a vital role in assisting at this senior level and I thank Ms Marisa Kiethanom and Mr Michael Bullingham for their help this year.

Please enjoy the 2021 Art and Design student works.