From concept to customer

Young Enterprise encourages students’ entrepreneurial abilities, guiding them through the process of running a business, from concept to customer.

The recent Young Enterprise Day was the culmination of a year’s worth of planning, pitching and strategising to create their best businesses.

The School Hall and courtyard area were full of thriving businesses from the edible to the enjoyable.

Some post event feedback from the student survey:

“Everyone did jobs on a line to make the the system work. We helped each other when needed. We also had a tickets system that organised our orders.”

“We achieved our profit goal and managed to keep ourselves ahead of the game by pre-cooking, so we had patties prepared, sitting in a heated wok, and could serve customers quickly and easily.”

“Our team was very successful due to extensive planning and also the experience we got from running the barbeque on Sustainable Futures day. I think we prepared well and it was also very smart to have our stall open in the morning.”

Some memorable moments from the teams:

“David in his ice cream costume. Excellent way to advertise his stall.”

“The barbeque war between the two barbeque groups.”