From concept to customer at IGS

Young Enterprise encourages students’ entrepreneurial abilities, guiding them through the process of running a business, from concept to customer.

“Earlier in the year, students formed groups, prepared a business plan and pitched their ideas for feedback, mentorship and finance,” said project leader and IGS Acting Head of HSIE Carmelo Fedele. “It’s a little like the television show The Shark Tank!”

The teams followed up with Young Enterprise Day, selling their products and services to the school community and raised money for charity.

Young Enterprise Day was the culmination of a year’s worth of planning, pitching and strategising to create their best businesses.

Enterprises included a sausage sizzle by Snag ‘a’ Snag and cupcakes from Elite Cupcakes. One innovative enterprise, known as 1up, decided to sell video game experiences, from the retro Nintendo 64 stand to the Virtual Reality experience.

Commerce students made a total profit of more than $1,350 and they donated $477.50 to the IGS Sustainable Futures Power Tracker Initiative

The Sustainable Futures social enterprise made the most profit, at $393.75 and won the Philanthropy award.