Friday afternoons delight Year 5

As part of the Off-Campus Online Learning Program, Year 5 have been enjoying special activities on Friday afternoons.

“All Year 5 students are online through Zoom as the teachers explain the afternoon’s activities,” said Acting Head of Stage 2 and Primary Digital Innovator David Smith.

“Students are then placed into breakout rooms where they can discuss the activity and shared documents online, and work collaboratively to complete set tasks. 

“Teachers pop in and out of breakout rooms to assist students and join in the discussions.

“Our first session focused on the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Students, in groups, had to create a participating country with flag and uniform.

“Students were invited to come into the Zoom wearing something that depicted a participating country.”

Last week’s Special Friday afternoon’s activities centered on gratitude and gratefulness to support the “International Day of Friendship”.

Students could come wearing their favourite hat and sunglasses! Many of the breakout room activities focused on the importance of having friends, nurturing friendships and being grateful through these challenging times.

“I have enjoyed that we are in our little own groups and we are with people from across the year group,” Maybelle said.

“I like how we get to see our friends and talk with them,” said Ayrton.

Students also enjoyed seeing their Year 5 Home class teachers wearing their favourite hat and sunglasses.