French speaking skills in focus

Year 12 French Continuers students recently had an opportunity to practise their French speaking skills in preparation for their upcoming HSC oral exams.

“Each student was allotted two separate sessions with bonafide HSC speaking examiners,” Saskia said of the workshop at SCEGGS Darlinghurst.

“These interviews, though intimidating at first, allowed us to show off our French speaking knowledge and receive helpful feedback from markers in an exam like situation, similar to that of the one we will experience for our HSC exams.”

“This was a great confidence booster as for us as it served to dispel some of the mystery and uncertainty surrounding the notorious HSC French speaking exam, while also giving us a chance to hone our speaking skills and improve our responses,” Sienna added.

The class thanked their teacher Ms Roby for organising the fantastic learning opportunity.

In a similar activity, the IGS French Extension students also practised their speaking skills at workshops for students from diverse schools.

“We were split into small groups and took turns workshopping speaking questions with different teachers,” Claire said.

“It was very helpful to practice formatting answers for speaking questions and the advice and ideas from each experienced teacher was very useful.”