French and German immersion experiences

French and German students in Years 7 and 8 enjoyed their recent Language Immersion Day activities.

Bilingual and multilingual education enriches every student’s life with diverse cognitive benefits. Increasing fluency deepens understanding of culture.

French students enjoyed a visit to Four Frogs Creperie in Circular Quay and then a French film at Dendy Opera Quays.

Student reflections:

La journée d’immersion était super. Les cinquièmes et les quatrièmes ont commence la journée en partant pour la creperie ‘The Four Frogs’. Puis, nous sommes allés voir un film en francaise qui s’appellait la Famille Bélier. C’etait à propos d’une fille qui vit avec ses parents sourds, et découvre qu’elle est douée pour le chant. Elle part à Paris, pour participaer à un concours de maitrise. La journée s’est très bien passé et tout le monde s’est amuse en parlant francais.

Immersion day was great. Year 7 and 8 started the day by going out to a creperie called The Four Frogs. Then, we saw a movie called The Belier Family. It was about a girl who lived with her deaf parents and discovers she has a talent for singing. She leaves for Paris to participate in a contest on Radio France. The day went very well, and everybody had a great time speaking French.


Hugo, Year 8

J’ai bien aimé la journée d’immersion. Premièrement nous sommes allés à la crêperie quatre grenouilles à circular key. On a mangé une galette et une crêpe. J’ai choisi la crêpe nutella aux fraises. C’était délicieux ! Après ça on a marché au jardin botanique et on a pris des photos devant l’Opera. Il faisait beau. Ensuite nous sommes allés au cinéma dendy. On a regardé le film La Famille Bélier. C’était très amusant et sincère. Le film m’intéressait parce que moi j’aime chanter.

I really liked Immersion Day. First of all, we went to the creperie Four Frogs in Circular Quay. We all ate a galette (savoury crepe) and a crepe. I chose a Nutella and strawberry crepe. It was delicious! After that we walked in the Botanic Gardens and took photos in front of the Opera House. It was sunny. Then, we went to the Dendy movies. We watched a movie called La Famille Belier. It was very funny and sincere. I was interested in the movie because I like to sing.

Carmela, Year 8

IGS German students began their day with a German breakfast, followed by film and language studies at school. Students welcomed University of Sydney School of Languages and Culture Assistant Professor Dr Ben Nickl and Melbourne Trinity Grammar School German Teacher Maria Hohlweg to lead their workshop.

The students analysed the film Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer, based on a children’s book written by one of Germany’s most distinguished authors, Erich Kästner. Students then enjoyed a traditional meal at the Munich Brauhaus at The Rocks.


Student reflection:

Da wir im letzten Jahr des Immersion Days waren, wurden wir nicht enttäuscht. Der Tag begann mit uns, wie wir wild herumlaufen, um Fragen über den Lebensstil anderer zu beantworten, um Frühstück zu bekommen! Wir hatten ein schönes Frühstück: RIESEN PRETZELS und heiße Schokolade, gefüllt in Becher, die extra für unseren Immersion Day designed waren, und die wir behalten konnten! Dann trafen wir einen Lehrer aus Melbourne, Maria, und einen Professor aus Sydney, mit denen wir eine Filmstudie und Rollenspiele gemacht haben. Anschließend haben wir den Film gesehen!

Danach sind wir mit dem Bus in die Stadt gefahren und haben in ein deutsches Restaurant besucht, das “Munich Brauhaus”, wo eine lustige deutsche Wumtata Band spielte und und wir haben sehr leckeres Essen bekommen: mehr Bretzeln und Burger! Alle SchülerInnen und alle LehrerInnen haben einen wirklich guten Job gemacht und wir sind alle am Ende auf Hochtouren gekommen.

Vielen Dank an alle LehrerInnen und MitarbeiterInnen, die uns einen so tollen Tag ermöglicht haben.

As we were in the last year of (being able to participate in) Immersion Days, we were not disappointed. The day started with us running around wildly, to answer questions about the lifestyle of the other participants, so that we could have breakfast. (Note: the activity needed to be completed to get a ticket for breakfast).

We had a beautiful breakfast: GIGANTIC PRETZELS and hot chocolate, in a mug which was designed especially for our Immersion Day, and which we were allowed to keep!
Then we met a teacher from Melbourne, Maria, and a professor from Sydney, with whom we did a film study and role-plays. Afterwards, we watched the movie.

Thereafter, we went into the city by bus and visited a German restaurant, the “Munich Brauhaus”, where a happy German Oompah-Band was playing and we got delicious food, more pretzels and burgers. All students and all teachers did a truly good job, and we all really got into it.

A big thank you to all of the teachers and helpers who allowed us to have such a great day.

Nathan, Year 8