French accelerants gain insight into HSC preparation

Years 10 and 11 IGS French accelerant students recently visited the University of Sydney to deepen their knowledge in French, and learn how best to prepare for HSC assessments.

The course was organised by The New South Wales Association of French Teachers (NAFT) and conducted by HSC examiners.

“As a teacher, the content reinforced what I am teaching in class,” said French Educator Helene Schmit. “Therefore it made 100 per cent sense for the students to take part in this additional learning experience.”

The students gained insight into how best to approach assessments and key takeaways for what markers are looking for at this level.

“The talk was broken down into four sections: writing, reading and responding, speaking, and listening and responding,” said Astrid of Year 10.

“The HSC markers of each section told us what to include to receive top marks, and pointed out common errors to avoid.

“At the end, we had time to ask questions to the markers about anything to do with HSC French.

“I think that this study skills day was very useful, as we got insight into what the markers look for and tips to achieve the highest results.”