IGS all-rounders share tips and thanks

Hard work and having helpful teachers are among the tips shared by IGS high achievers.

We congratulate IGS Dux Ana-Sofia Petrovic who came second in the State for English Extension 2, second in the State  for Italian Extension, and fifth in the State for French Extension in the 2019 HSC.

Ana was also named a NSW All Round Achiever for her results in the top band for at least 10 units of HSC courses, one of four IGS students to achieve this honour.

IGS all-rounder Marcus Lautier credits “a lot of work” and “a lot of dedication” with his extraordinary results in Economics (94), English (95), Extension 1 Mathematics (94), Extension 2 Mathematics (92) and Physics (93).

Marcus, who accelerated in Italian Continuers in 2018, said he studied four to six hours a day, driven by his ambition to study combined Actuarial Studies and Advanced Mathematics at UNSW.

“I was very hungry for the goal,” Marcus said.

“You’ve got to be. Whenever I had a setback like a lower than expected mark, I’d look ahead towards the goal and pick myself up.

“You never have a perfect run.”

Fellow IGS all-rounder Siena Scott-Hickie was most pleased with her English Extension 2 result of 49 out of 50.

Siena said she’d found creating her original major work to be extremely challenging, particularly during the editing process.

“It took a lot of hard work and determination,” she said, adding that she ended up changing a lot of it just two weeks before the final deadline.

“It was a huge rush. I kept editing and changing it right up until it was due.”

She was also pleased to have achieved 93 for Chemistry, particularly as it was the first year of a new syllabus.

Her result of 48 out of 50 for her French Extension result was also pleasing, following her acceleration in French Continuers in 2018.

“I would really like to thank all the teachers,” Siena said. “The support of your teachers makes a world of difference.”

IGS all-rounder Saskia Steetsel, who accelerated in French Continuers in 2018, received 48 out of 50 for History Extension, 96 in Ancient History, 93 in Economics, and 90 in English Advanced.

Saskia said that for her, doing well was about studying subjects she really enjoyed.

“There is no secret to doing well,” Saskia said. “You just have to study, do some past papers, write good notes, use that knowledge and maintain your rank internally.

“Enjoy your subjects. You know what has to be done. Do it.”

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