Flexing Theatresports muscles

Two teams of five IGS students in Years 9 and 10, each passionate about improvisational drama, recently competed in an external theatresports “friendly” competition to hone their skills.

“Lilac Panthers” was outfitted in purple-pink shirts and black pants; while the “Fried Rice” team wore their own respective bucket hat and drama blacks.

“The Maxi-Taxi on the way there was filled with excitement and nerves, as the teams braced themselves for a spectacular evening of improvisational theatre,” said Felix Tonkin of Year 10, one of the IGS contestants.

Rehearsal fun

For many, this was their first theatresports competition.

“The show was an absolute blast,” said Felix. “Every team was fantastic, with each team in the competition performing four different scenes, and I am confident we put on quite a show for the audience.

“The IGS teams improvised many great scenes, from people pretending to be mannequins to steal from a Gucci Store to a mum comparing a ferris-wheel to her family relationship, and everything you can think of in between.

IGS students performing

“At the end of the night IGS came third, but more importantly we all had an amazing time and left feeling great with more improvisation skills under our belt.”

The theatresports team